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Welcome to Francisco Cortes Home Repair

My name is Francisco Cortes and I am from Houston, TX where I run a small but successful home repair and remodeling business. I have over fifteen years of experience. During this time I have been able to build a strong team of professionals that make our customers the most important to us each and every time.

We had done it all when it comes to home repairs. A customer has a leaky faucet, we got it; electrical got you hot, we are on it; roof is leaking, no problem. Not only is my team a group of great handymen that can get the job done when it comes to repairs, but what we love to do the most is a full remodel of your home.

If you have a dream design for your home, we can help you make it happen. You can have the “Man Cave” you have always wanted or upgrade your bathroom to become a luxury spa. Our team is on time, professional, and laid back to give you a sense of pride, but also to let you know we are approachable and able to discuss whatever you want to do with your home.

Give us a call and let my team help you get your home repaired, upgraded and help it become exactly what you want it to be. If you can dream it, we can build it, let my team help you get the home of your dreams and show you what you can have at a price you can afford.