About Us

When I was younger my Dad used to take me on home repair and remodeling jobs with him.  I quickly learned that I enjoyed working in homes and making them look better or repair whatever it was that the homeowner needed fixed.  The look on the faces of the homeowners I helped along with the satisfaction I got from a job well done was more than worth the money that I earned doing the job.  As you can see this was certainly a calling for me from the beginning that has turned into a lifelong passion.

As I began this business I knew I wanted to help people with whatever their home repair or remodeling needs were.  With this in mind my team has grown to bring in professionals in all facets of home repair and remodeling.  We have landscapers, carpenters, plumbers, roofers, electricians and more in order to give you a full service team that can give you everything you need to get your home repaired and upgraded to what you want.  Not only is my team able to professionally handle each and every job you need done but we are able to give you the service you desire.

In many ways we have seen the level of professionalism and customer service in our industry and many others head down the wrong path for many years.  It’s our goal to bring back a personal and professional touch to every job we take on.  If you have a question, we will gladly answer it along with giving you a complete explanation of our services and what you should expect.  It’s our view that you should know what is going on in your own home and we want you to be comfortable with our team and the work that we will be doing in your home.

We even have a design team on staff to help you design your home remodel.  We have found that when upgrades are needed, many people want to not only change the doors and windows, but might want to change a wall or the overall layout of the home.  When this is the case our design team ensures you can have your home looking and functioning the way you want it to.  With your input and our experts you are sure to have the home of your dreams that has all of the features and elements you want in order to provide you with a fantastic home.

As you can see the path I learned was right for me at an early age has become a dream company that can offer the best services and most professional home care in the industry.  We even offer 24/7 services for those emergency home repairs that need to be done right away to avoid damage to your home that can become excessive.  We want your home to be the oasis and location you are proud to call your own; give us a call.