Blinds & Curtains Fitting

Get your Blinds & Curtains up With Help from Francisco Cortes

There is a lot of thought that goes into buying the perfect curtain or blinds. However, because of amateur fittings from the store or other handymen you might not receive the full benefits as expected. However, Francisco Cortes Home Repairs is fully functional and experienced to put up your curtains and blinds.

Here are a few reasons to choose us:

We Know Our Job

You might have come across many repair workers who claim to know their business only to leave you with an unsatisfactory and botched work in the end. You shall not have such complaints with Francisco Cortes Home Repair. Only the best handymen are chosen to work on the team. In fact, if you request your home shall be catered by expert Francisco Cortes.

We Do Not Charge Extra

It is important that you buy curtains, blinds or window hangings as per the window measures. It takes an expert to correctly measure your window size and leave room for margins. When you hire us we do not charge you as per the visits made. We charge you a lump sum amount based on the work you need done. You would also find that our rates regarding putting up of window hangings and blinds is very competitive.

We Can Help You Purchase

By calling us before you actually buy the curtains, we can provide the exact measurement you need. Our experience in this field also allows us to advice you on the product you should purchase. For example if your room is prone to a lot of sunshine then you might wish for double breasted curtains in order to keep the sun out during afternoons.

Install Motorized Options,

You would not come across many handymen this side that are trained and experienced to install motorized window treatments. At Francisco Cortes Home Repair we are efficient to put up motorized options at cost effective rates.

Give us a call to book an appointment and have your work completed in a timely and efficient manner.