Cabinet painting

Cabinet Painting by Francisco Cortes Home Repair

Everyone likes a good cabinet however, after years of use paint starts chipping or bubbling making it look shabby. We at Francisco Cortes ensure that your kitchen top stays clean while we work. Here are a few FAQS about our job.

How Long Does it Take?

We understand that you want your properly painted doors and drawers immediately. However, to ensure that a satisfactory job is done we need at least a week. Our template is usually we come in on Wednesday to remove the doors and drawers and then we spray paint them at our own shop. This ensures minimal mess at your home. We come back to paint the bases on a Monday and fix the doors and drawers back on Tuesday.

How Is The Job Done?

The doors and drawers are spray painted with the best paint. Over the years we have come to rely on a brand that gives the perfect finish and gloss. We use between 3 and 7 coats of paint and primer depending on the type of wood. Oakwood is the toughest and requires most priming. Regardless of the wood we get the job completed within the week. The bases of cabinets are hand-painted by the Francisco Cortes team. The surface is prepped before the actual painting begins.

Do the Insides Need Emptying?

You do not have to empty the insides of the drawers or cabinets as those areas are not painted. However, if you wish we can paint the insides as well on the day we paint the base. It will take only a day and in this case you will have to empty the insides.

Does it come with a Warranty?

Once the painting is completed, care instructions are provided to you. If these instructions have been followed then you would not have to worry about the paint job for years. However, all issues during the first year are covered.

Give Francisco Cortes Home Repair a call to have your cabinets painted the color of your dreams to make your kitchen or living room look bright again.