Dimmer switches and modules replacement

Get Dimmer Switch & Module Installations and Replacement by Francisco Cortes Home Repair

Why Get Dimmer Switches?

Dimmer switches are simple brightness controlling devices fixed to light fixtures. You can lower the intensity of light as per your need using these switches. We at Francisco Cortes Home Repair provide CFL (compact fluorescent lights) and LED dimmers that result in outstanding functionality. Our dimmers are intrinsically safe and follow NEC standards so your safety is never compromised.

Dimmers not only make intensity of light according to your need but also enable you to make your home more attractive with shade control. These dimmers are of many different sizes. We are experienced in the installation of small size domestic light dimmers to large size high power dimmers used in theatrical installation. Remote control dimmer control is also available with us.

The Francisco Cortes dimmers are modern, solid state electronic type which makes them small and more reliable. Modern electronic dimmer offers you minimum maintenance and comes in small size and weight. Modern electronic dimmer available with us have many other benefits apart from lighting. They require low power hence make it cost effective, radiates lesser heat making it safe with an increased life span.

Francisco Cortes Re-installing Your Electrical Modules

Most of the electrical modules available now a day are electronic power module made up of semi-conductors. The module provides physical space for several power related component. These modules are inside the wall electrically and thermally insulated housing following safety standards.

There are many instances when due to various electrical faults they are damaged and need proper replacement. Francisco Cortes Home Repair offers various types of modules for replacement as well as new modules for fresh installation in your house.

Modules are not only part of the electrical system in your household but it also necessary for various safety purposes. We at Francisco Cortes Home Repair provide you with safe and stylish modules with new installation plus easy replacement. All types of module replacement that are provided by us are with NEC safety guideline. Electronic modules with single or multi power switch are also available with us.