Electrical Services

Francisco Cortes Home Repair Provides Excellent Electric Services

We provide everyday electrical equipment needs and constant routine maintenance services for your electric products at your home. We ensure that we provide complete repair and installation solutions for added safety and better working. We are a team of experienced and skillful employees to complete all the necessary electrical work that is required in your home.

We Work as per Safety Guidelines

All our electrical wiring and equipment are according to the safety standards. We assure full safety of our customer as per US national electrical code (NEC) standards. We at Francisco Cortes understand protection for circuit and equipment. Control and distribution is another important factor which we always keep in mind.

Excellent Choice for New Installations

When you chose to install fresh electrical system in your home, we are excellent choice. All wiring codes are followed according to voltage, current and functional specification that minimizes the chance for accidents. We make distribution system easy and more reliable for future maintenance.

All safety devices like circuit breakers, fuses and more with NEC standards are provided. Further we also provide routine maintenance and replacement against damage. We at Francisco Cortes Home Repair can also provide dimmer switches, socket replacement, fuse box replacement and transformer installation.

Latest Products Available

We provide standard direct control dimmer switches by which you can easily control your light intensity. Dimmer switches for LED lights are also available with us. Additionally, we provide stylish and intrinsically safe switches and sockets. Switches and sockets provided by us are also according to the NEC standards so that your safety is never compromised.

Ceramic based stylish switches and sockets are also available with us. Two pin, three pin and all other types of attractive single phase sockets are available with us. We also provide step up or step down transformer installation. You do not have to worry about your fuse box as well. We are equipped with Fuse box replacement parts.

Call Francisco Cortes Home Repair Services to have your home installed with new switches, wiring or any other electrical part. We believe in service that is quick and efficient.