Fuse Boxes Replacement

Get your Fuse Box Replaced by Francisco Cortes Home Repair

A panel board which divides electrical wiring for various places and equipment needs proper safety because your entire house appliances and lightings are connected through this panel. All distribution is made from this panel that makes the safety of this panel very important for your house. If this panel goes out, it is possible that the electricity for the whole house might go off. Hence different fuses for different distribution are providing within the panel board. Even if one part experience some kind of electric fault, then fuse of that region goes off and rest of your system is protected.

We at Francisco Cortes Home Repair know very well about the power distribution and safety and are highly experienced. Need for proper protective circuit breakers with over current protection are very important. In our household we use sheet metal enclosure that generally has two columns having different circuit breakers. Some panel boards have breakers switch handle covered by doors with a dead front.

Circuit breakers with trip segments to various distribution channels are incorporated in order to isolate the faulty part of electrical distribution system. We have worked on various types of panel boxes (fuse box), know various types of panel boards and we make it our business to know them very well.

Our fuses are very reliable and are of very high quality. They are low heat dissipating and low power consuming fuses and breakers with highest safety standards.

We can deal with any kind of circuit breaker or fuse incorporated in the panel box. Apart from our wide range of dealing in panel boxes with complete replacement, we ensure that safety is maintained at all times.  We follow NEC standards for all circuit breakers and fuses so that your safety is never compromised. HRC (high resistance ceramic) fuses are provided by us in our range of fuse boxes. We can replace or install any kind of fuse box with excellence and safety.

Call Francisco Cortes Home Repair today to have any kind of housework done, especially if it involves replacement of a fuse box.