Hanging and odd jobs

Francisco Cortes Home Repair to Fix Odd Jobs

There are many times when you do not want something done explicitly but require a handy man for odd jobs that come around in the house. For all such needs Francisco Cortes Home Repair is at your service. Me and my team are dedicated to helping you get your home look lovely and fixed.

Hanging and other related jobs require a measure of expertise or else they might cause harm to your walls. This is why if you are planning on getting shelves fixed or your TV mounted then you know you need to call one of the Francisco Cortes repair men. There are a number of reasons why you should choose us. These are:

Convenient Time

Unlike other home repair options we do not call the shots. When you call us for a home visit, we ask you a time suitable to you. We do not give random figures such as the afternoon of Wednesday. Based on your busy schedule we let you know the proper hour of our consultation time and we ensure to be there right at that time.

No Extra Charge

You can completely depend on the Francisco Cortes team to help you get your home fixed. For instance, if you call us to get some shelves up and you remember about a painting that you have wanted to put up for a long time, then you can absolutely feel free to ask one of the workers to screw in a nail for you. That is how we like to work with our customers. We are not one job handy-men. We like to be there to help you with all odd-jobs you can think of at no extra charge.

Follow up

If there is something about our work that you are dissatisfied with, then you can give us a call immediately. We shall pay a home visit at the next possible hour.

We are here to help you put your book shelves, kitchen cabinets, bathroom mirrors, wall hangings, blinds, curtains and even TV. Give us a call today.