Leaks fixing

Francisco Cortes Home Repairs Effectively Detects & Fixes Leaks

We are a plumbing company that is dedicated to solving small problems quickly after identifying them. This is because once plumbing problems become major then they become expensive. If you feel that your water bill has spiked with no relevant increase in water usage then gives us a call at Francisco Cortes Home Repair. This could be because of a leak.

Leak Detection by Francisco Cortes

There are a number of ways for you detect a leak. The most common leaks occur from your taps. These can be fixed in a second by tightening the bolts. However, if you notice greenish or dirty water in your taps then it could be an indicator to a massive leak.

We understand that leak detection can be extremely frustrating. However, as professionals we have high tech equipment that helps in detecting leaks efficiently and effectively.

Why Get Leaks Fixed?

There might be a chance that you would want to ignore leaks in order to avoid calling expensive repair people. Firstly, we at Francisco Cortes Home Repair are a very cost effective option. We only charge as per the job we do. We believe in making connections for future work rather than cutting off ties after just the one job.

Hence, if you have a leak then you give us a call as soon as possible. This is because a small leak might be an indicator of a major underlying problem in some of your pipes. We have advanced technology to look inside your pipes and fix the problem before it become something expensive.

Why Do Leaks Happen?

There are a number of reasons for leaks. The usual problem in old plumbing is corrosion. Sometimes, if the leak has been detected in a main line, then tree roots or ground shifting might be the problem. Further, if we find the leak in one of the internal pipes then we will repair it immediately to prevent damage to other parts.

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