Paint stripping

Efficient Pain Stripping From Francisco Cortes Home Repair

Paint removal can be a pain if you plan on doing it yourself. It is not the job for a lazy afternoon. By hiring Francisco Cortes Home Repair you can get the task completed by experts. Additionally, you can get one estimate or quote for the job of paint removal and application of new coat. You would find that our rates are extremely competitive.

Paint removal becomes necessary if you feel that the paint on the walls is too thick. Sometimes, thick paint can hide the decorations and carvings underneath. Also, sometimes you might buy a piece of furniture with thick coatings of pain. A professional such as Francisco Cortes can strip away the excess layer of paint carefully.

However, before you decide on complete paint removal there are a couple of factors that you must pay attention to:

You might not require sanding off all the walls with the help of a decorator. With quick treatment options we can definitely save up on cost.

Additionally, there are reasons why peeling occurs. Many times these causes lie within the walls of your home. If these causes are not identified and addressed in the proper way, it might lead to further chipping or peeling in the new coat of paint as well. Francisco Cortes is experienced and skillful to understand these underlying causes. After identification we shall discuss the various cost effective ways to remove them.

For instance, humidity can be caused by poor ventilation that might be the cause of peeling paint. Hence, till the time the ventilation issue is not resolved, painting another coat will be putting money down the drain.

There are a number of ways employed by Francisco Cortes Home Repair to ensure an effective and safe peeling of paint. If the paint job is delicate then we prefer the finesse of a heat gun and paint scraper. However, to remove paint from a large area we have invested in an infrared heater mounted on a track.

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