Painting And Decorating

Transform Your Home with Francisco Cortes Home Repair

A sure shot way to transform your home is getting it painted. A fresh coat of paint by the expert team of Francisco Cortes Home Repairs will put an undeniable spark and energy in your home. There are a number of factors that go into painting and getting it done by an amateur might ruin the end effect. Additionally, painting is an expensive job, not to mention an arduous affair that can only be undertaken some times.

Hence, to make the most of painting your walls, cabinets or other areas, you must only hire an expert. Here is how Francisco Cortes Home Repair team proves to be the right choice:

Fully Insured

When you hire Francisco Cortes, you do not have to worry about a thing. We are fully insured from our workers to our equipment. Our insurance also covers damage to your home, if any.

Licensed and Certified

It is important that while hiring a painter contractor you only choose one that is licensed. Francisco Cortes is licensed and certified. Additionally, as a licensed contractor we are proven to do a better job than an amateur.

Work Experience and References

Our past work experience and glowing references speak volumes about our work. Where painting is concerned, you must not go on or word. We help you see the efficiency and grace with which we ensure that each stroke of paint is perfectly placed on your walls.

We are experienced in doing a number of paint jobs. We can help you with

Wall Painting

We have successfully completed over hundreds of paint jobs in this area. You can trust Francisco Cortes to get your walls painted with a perfect finish.

Cabinet Painting

Cabinets are usually made of wood and need an expert painter who can preserve it. If you have chipping paint from your cabinets then we recommend that you hire us to get the job done.

Paint Stripping

Paint stripping is an art that required focus and determination. We can strip your walls and cabinets of paint without any harm.