Shelves installation

Francisco Cortes specializes in building custom shelves

If you are planning on getting shelves for your den, office, kitchen, room, greenhouse or any other part of your home, then give Francisco Cortes Home Repairs a call. There are a number of situations in which the big shelf from a store might not work. It might be too big or too bulky for your wall. With us at the helm you can be sure of shelves that match your expectation and need.

There is a lot to storage solutions than just shelves. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and the dedication we bring to our work. You can trust us to create the perfect storage option for your home as per the expectations you lay down for us.

Custom Shelves vs. Store Bought

There are a number of reasons for choosing custom built shelves. The prime reason is that these shelves are built according to your specifications. When we come to your home, we make sure to take all specifications required to get a job done. We plan and design as per the measurements of your wall and stability. Before, starting on the shelves we show you the design and help you imagine the end result.

Hence, the storage shelves that you get are as per your liking and unique. We do not use any two shelf designs multiple times. This is because the beauty in having a custom built shelf is that it is different from what your friends and families have. You can trust our craftsmanship to make your friends and families very envious.

Additionally, the shelves that we put up are designed to stay for a long period of time. We use only high quality materials that are durable and reliable.

Give Francisco Cortes Home Repair a call if you are thinking shelves and need someone to help you with them. We also put up store bought shelves if you have already bought them. However, if you have not, then we request you to give us a call first. Our options are very cost effective.