Sinks and basins fitting and replacement

Sinks & Basin Fitting and Replacement by Francisco Cortes Home Repair

Sink and basin fitting services need expertise and quality to make your bathroom look great with proper drainage all the time. Francisco Cortes Home Repair service is ideal for your bathroom sink and basin fitting. Our design and methods are very effective and have been satisfying our customers from a long time.

High Quality Fittings to Install Sinks

Our fittings include various brands that are very popular among households. We only choose the best fittings that are best in quality with competitive market prices. We deal in all type of fittings like stone, ceramics, glass, copper, concrete, stainless steel and enamel. One service provider with so many options makes us very popular in the market.

Repair of Sinks

Repair of sinks is done by Francisco Cortes Home Repair in order to save you the cost of buying a new one. Main repair problems faced are leakages, cracks, clogged drain, stains and cracks. Cracks when left unrepaired can cause further damage to whole basin or sink. It is best to get these issues fixed as soon as possible.

Quick and Effective Service

Our experienced plumbers know the best possible repair solution and effectively make sure to work on it quickly. Leakages are a very common problem in sinks and basins. The most common reason behind it is damaged gasket or clogged drain. Our expert plumbing team rectifies the problem and use best available fittings to prevent the recurrence of such problems.


After a time, the sinks you might have at your home will start giving many problems. We make sure that we assess the damage and problem. If it is more than the cost of repair, then we recommend that you buy a new sink. Francisco Cortes Home Repair service does not believe in taking customers for a ride. We have plumbers that have replaced many sinks and basins with expertise. This experience in handling replacement of sinks offer very less chance for any damage or erroneous work.

Give us a call at Francisco Cortes Home Repair to have everything regarding your sink taken care of.