Switches, sockets and transformers installation

Let Francisco Cortes Take Care of your Switches, Sockets and Transformer Installation

Get Switches Installed

Every household is full of switches. Switches are present on your television, lighting, refrigerator, oven and more. Further, safety is the primary concern regarding the switches as you are always in contact with them.

A switch serves the purpose of make and break contact. This might sound easy or simple for you. But during making or breaking contact, electrical arc is generated that is not considered safe. Without proper switches you are putting your safety in danger. Francisco Cortes Home Repair deals only in high safety standard switches that are strictly adhered to NEC standards.

From push button switches to toggle switches, we provide you only with safe and standard switches. We have switches with various designs and looks than can add beauty besides safety. Switches we deal in are from low voltage rating to high voltage rating. You can find all switches at one place by hiring Francisco Cortes Home Repair. We deal in best quality switches that offer low heat dissipation and good insulation so that in case of any electrical fault you are always safe.

Sockets for Everyday Needs

Power plugs and sockets are used to connect equipment to the power source. These sockets are available from different size and power rating depending upon current, voltage and connector type. All sockets available with us at Francisco Cortes Home Repair follow US national electric code (NEC) with standard size and type. Sockets play important role in easy connection and safety against any electrical fault.

You can also find switches and sockets with decorative protective cover. Single phase sockets with two or three pins which are all intrinsically safe are also available with us.

Transformer Installation by Francisco Cortes

A transformer is an electromagnetic induction device used to transfer or control electrical power. Supply we get from our power grid is too much for our appliances and hence we need to lower the power. From your mobile charger to your toaster you would find that a transformer maintains safety. Francisco Cortes Home Repair provides you with best step down transformers following NEC standards for your safety. Being a power device safety is the primary and only aim while installation and once installed it must be very safe.